Liverpool School Of Art - Degree Show publication - May 2010

This blog is to generate a catalogue of work and relevant text for your final work you are planning to show this year.
YOU ARE NOW ABLE TO PUBLISH ANYTHING YOU LIKE ON THIS PAGE, THIS IS WERE EVERYONE CAN SEE YOU! "(Please be aware that we can all post comments on anything up on the wall, this is a good way to get peer feedback and can form open and honest discussions which should definitely be encouraged. If you don't want your work to be commented on - do not publish it here! obviously any comments like 'that is shit' or 'my dog could draw that' will be taken off. )

Friday, 26 February 2010


Thursday, 25 February 2010

My work is based on constructions in childhood toys, to make visual images such as figures or faces. The work has developed over the year from something originally very different, the concept between contemporary art and traditional - and how we choose to express ourselves so differently. Through experimentation and exploration (a key factor to my work) it began to change. I began to look at creating art (specifically portraits) without paint. As this is my final year of fine art practice, I wanted to push the boundaries of my work beyond my norm. So I began to use Hamabeads. I then developed the idea so that I could use any number of childhood toys ranging from Lego, to a plain cardboard box.

As my work has primarily been self analytical and narrative based, I decided to continue this, but with a universal undertone to it.

The hamabeads portraits are pieces of work in their own right, but I decided to push the concept of 'creating something' further. And as any student can vouch, facebook is a big part of our lives. For that reason, I extended these images to the virtual world, for strangers to look at, and for their persona's to grow. The characters 'Gertrude, Cecil, Sandy-Sue and Jeremy' all now have story boards (a lot like a soap opera) and the pieces are interactive, if you speak to them, they will communicate back. They have each developed their own personalities, and they live by them, as we do. They even have their own circle of friends, who talk to them as if they are real people.

At the moment, I am experimenting with these boundaries. I will update soon.

Cheers for reading.


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I'm actually working on a video at the moment but here's an example of some of my other work relating to the same subject.

Leigh Jennings: Image for catalogue thingy

Just a little something to help get the ball rolling..