Liverpool School Of Art - Degree Show publication - May 2010

This blog is to generate a catalogue of work and relevant text for your final work you are planning to show this year.
YOU ARE NOW ABLE TO PUBLISH ANYTHING YOU LIKE ON THIS PAGE, THIS IS WERE EVERYONE CAN SEE YOU! "(Please be aware that we can all post comments on anything up on the wall, this is a good way to get peer feedback and can form open and honest discussions which should definitely be encouraged. If you don't want your work to be commented on - do not publish it here! obviously any comments like 'that is shit' or 'my dog could draw that' will be taken off. )

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

clone army

just a screenshot from a video of my ongoing work which deals with themes of popular culture, looking at the tension between fantasy and reality. You can view some of the videos on youtube, the links below. Any feedback, ideas or critisism would be appriciated.

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